Finding Life Lessons

Coming back to my blog is a scary process and yet, almost losing it made me aware of its value…to me. When I thought I was about to lose my posts, I freaked and copied all of them. This eventually led me to re-read many of them.

What surprised me were the posts I thought I’d written for OTHERS turned out to have messages for ME. Mind you, at the time, I didn’t intend to write them to myself, but as I re-read some of the posts, I could see them hidden among my words. I believe they came from the wise woman somewhere inside me. She always tells me the truth whether I want to hear it or not!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going “woo, woo, woo” on you:~) I’m simply saying stuck among the words I’d written for other people were things I needed to learn as well. What’s this got to do with anything?

Our lives move FAST today. There’s not a lot of time for reflection, but I believe there are lessons we’re here to learn. Some we get right away. Others are only visible much later, but it doesn’t make these less important. So, how do we find these hidden lessons?

Today’s technology has made this so much easier. You can jot notes to yourself via your phone, a tablet or the old fashioned way — keep a paper journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long – just write a few lines about your day — what made you happy, sad or perhaps even rip-roaring mad (when angry, WRITING is definitely a very healthy alternative:~)

If you do keep track of the good and the bad, I guarantee years later, at some point you’ll re-read your entries. There will be lessons meant only for you. Like me, some will make you sigh, some will make you laugh and others will perhaps change your life.

God’s Chorus

I sigh as the porch fan slowly moves air across my face. The wicker rocking chair I’m sitting in creaks as my foot keeps it moving.

Somewhere nearby, I hear the cooing of courting doves. But they’re not alone, I also hear the loud warbling song of a wren seeking his mate.

A sudden breeze makes the crepe myrtle branches scratch at the eves of our house and sets our chimes to singing.

Somewhere nearby a dog barks. And even though it’s still early, the crickets are already practicing their nightly chorus.

In the distance, a lawn mower grumbles and a child’s high pitch laughter follows a splash from a neighbor’s pool.

Suddenly, a blue jay squawks a warning. I know he’s fooling around. The birds at our feeders aren’t taking a chance. I hear the rasp of branches in nearby bushes as they quickly seek safety.

If I listen closely, I can hear the buzzing of bees collecting pollen in our flower garden and a hummingbird’s chirp as it lands on our sugar-water feeder.

It’s a busy day for God’s chorus. But I take a deep breath and rock in my chair, glad to listen to it.

Rest in Peace

My sweet kitty passed away recently. She was a frequent subject of pictures and even a few stories on this blog.  She will be missed.

Find Your Sanctuary

The Importance of Finding Your Own Sanctuary

This is a picture of my sanctuary. While there are many definitions to this word, I choose the most simple: “a place of refuge or safety.”

In our lives, we all have need of a sanctuary at some point or another. Sanctuaries allow us to reconnect with ourselves. A sanctuary doesn’t have to be a solid structure. For some, it may be found in nature, others through meditation, or the simple act of taking a long nap.
Everyone has a sanctuary, but finding it can be a challenge. Only you can discover YOUR sanctuary, but when you do, you’ll know it. Because it’s where you go…
when things seem dark and unforgiving;

…when your heart feels like it’s breaking;
…when you need to pray;
…when you need to meditate;
…when you need to heal.

This list could go on and on, but the most important thing is to figure out where YOUR sanctuary is. Let your heart lead you to it.
For me, my sanctuary is my screen porch. I’ve written about this before, but given the trying times today, it deserves a second (or third) appearance.

I didn’t know my sanctuary until I got my cat, Aggie. She needed time outside in the fresh air and made lots of noise to tell me this. So, I cleaned up my porch, made it safe as I could and let her spend time there. It wasn’t long before I joined her and discovered the peacefulness of nature. Next thing I knew I had bird feeders, comfy chairs, wind chimes and those silly little gnomes.

Sitting out on my porch makes the difficulties of my day seem less important. I listen to the birds chatter and sing, watch the seasons change and breathe in the nature around me. It doesn’t take long before I forget what I was fretting about… at least during my porch time.
In this new year, I encourage you to find your own sanctuary. Take my word for it, you will not regret it.

HAPPY 2019