The blogging community: A supportive family

In order to improve my blog, I’ve been learning more about the blogging community.  At first, this was a planned activity recommended by my blog guru, Kathy Henderson-Hurd.   She said, “Go out and make friends,” meaning start reading other people’s blogs and leave comments on the ones you like.

So, I started.  I began by visiting sites she recommended.  It wasn’t long before I was going deeper and deeper into the blog community.  Each post I liked led me to another I liked.  Then I would follow the bread crumbs and find yet another I liked!  And I’m still finding more.

Before long, I realized I wasn’t just finding interesting blogs; I was discovering a community I didn’t realize existed.

I found a community of bloggers who weren’t just marketing themselves and out to get what they can, but instead were really trying to help other bloggers.  These are people who have successful and very busy blogs, yet they find time to show caring and support for those of us who are learning the “trade,” so to speak.

It’s made me realize that it’s not just a community of bloggers; it’s a supportive family as well.

I’ve come across some great examples of this blogging family and each one has given me a gift.  The posts I found on their sites were funny, touching, educational, and most of all, encouraging!  Here are just a few of my favorites:

The first sites that really spoke to me were Adam Kayce’s Monk at Work and Cath Lawson’s Tips for Success in Business and Life.  While I don’t have a particular favorite post from either, I recommend both as they write with lots of humor mixed in with pearls of wisdom gained by their experiences as bloggers.

Barbara Swafford’s Blogging without a Blog features very helpful and motivating articles for bloggers. While, I love many of her posts, one of my favorites is New Blogger Begins to Feel Like An Abandoned Dog.  It’s a very creative and hopeful post for bloggers.  I also loved the story of “Lucky.”

Eric Hamm’s Motivate Thyself has a “must read” article for any new blogger called, 10 Tips to Help New Bloggers Beat the Odds and Push Past Their Rookie Status.  I know it’s a LONG title, but I guarantee the contents make it worthwhile for any rookie blogger to read.

Another very informative and supportive blog is Nate  Nate’s article, The Five Reasons Most Blogs Don’t Last, is very good.  Don’t be put off by the title; it’s not a depressing article.  Instead, it is an insightful reminder that blogging takes commitment and work.

These are people I’ll probably never meet, but their words gave me a virtual hug at a time when I really needed one.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet even more people from this family of bloggers.  Lucky for me, and all the other students of blogging, it’s a very EXTENDED family.

p.s.  Thank you Kathy for giving me the push to start this journey!!

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  1. Hi Sara – Your friend Kathy is so correct. In order to truly enjoy the blogging experience, visiting other blogs and joining their communities and forming our own community is essential. For me, it wasn’t until I engaged in that activity did I realize the journey into blogosphere could be so rewarding. I’m happy to hear you’re finding the same.

    P.S. Thank you for the link love. 🙂

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Signs of A Blogoholic

  2. Hey Sara, I appreciate the link love even if you did have to point out the unusual length of the post title. 🙂

    There’s no doubt that interaction in the blogging community is a must for most new bloggers. I started out by posting on a few BIG blogs and getting some good traffic that way, but it wasn’t until I really made the effort to get to know the mid to low traffic bloggers that I started connecting and building real relationships.

    Like Barbara just mentioned, it’s a wonderfully rewarding experience that you don’t expect when you start blogging. It’s a great surprise!

    I’ve enjoyed seeing you over at my blog and others and I look forward to watching yours grow as you become more connected and continue to put out great posts! (Was that a really LONG sentence? Sorry, it’s a habit. 🙂 )Eric.

    “Motivate Thyself”s last blog post..Up-And-Coming Blogger: A New Series On “Motivate Thyself”

  3. Sarah,

    You’re MORE than welcomed!

    There’s nothing as rewarding as helping someone achieve their dreams. THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of your journey to success!

  4. Hey Sara — I LOVE that you are connecting to the blogging community. And I love the new look! And of course, Kathy Hendershot-Hurd is one of my favorite web gurus as well!

  5. Thanks, Sara — seems I’m in some good company. 😉

    It feels a bit strange to be mentioned on a list like this, since I haven’t been writing actively for the past few months; now that I’m getting back into the swing of things, though, I hope to have more good stuff for you to chew on.

    (p.s. oooh, Thesis. Nice choice.)

  6. Sarah says:

    @ Adam,

    You shouldn’t feel strange as I really like what you written and I think you deserve to be in this company! I’m very glad you getting back into the swing of things. I’m confident they’ll be lots for me chew on when you start writing again!


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