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No more blank default avatar

Since I’ve been blogging and leaving comments on other blogs, I’ve noticed I didn’t have an avatar.  An avatar is a person’s online alter ego that is represented by an icon.  While other bloggers used a photo of themselves, a symbol or something else unique, the default picture that showed up with my comments was a generic blank face.  BORING!

Well, I got tired of that boring blank face and decided it was time to choose my own avatar.

My first step was to visit Barbara at Blogging Without A Blog, because her posts are helpful when it comes to a new blogging activity. Sure enough I found a great post, How To Get and/or Add A Gravatar To Your Post Comments, which had excellent and clear instructions.

Unfortunately, the only instruction she couldn’t give me was which avatar to choose.

Free avatars

I started searching the site she recommended as well as different sites advertising FREE AVATARS, but nothing felt right.  I tried to create my own, without much success.  Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t use one of those!

Then I realized I was going about this the wrong way.  While watching a friend’s daughter play dress-up, I asked her who she was. She told me she was a doctor, specifically a cardiac specialist!  My first thought was that things have really changed since I played dress-up! Then I realized this young girl was pretending to be the person she wanted to become.

And it hit me; this is what I needed to do to find my avatar.  If the avatar was going to represent me, I needed to pick one that expressed who I wanted to become.

I spent some time thinking about this.  What did I want my avatar to say about me? I wrote down some words reflecting the person I wanted to become.  They included intuitive, healing, open-hearted, caring, and compassionate.

When I went back to my search, I used these words to guide me and let the avatars speak to me.  I returned to the site Barbara recommended,  While I had previously searched this site without success, this time I quickly found THE ONE.

She’s called Tree that grows hearts and I absolutely love her name and her picture. The illustrator, kyrn, has created quite a few avatars all of which are beautiful, but this one felt right for me!

The rest of the process was easy.  Now when I leave a comment, I see my avatar and think about how much I like being the Tree that grows hearts.

Thank you kyrn for your beautiful illustration!

15 comments on “Blogging: Choosing Your Avatar

  1. Davina says:

    Hi Sara. I remember that day when I finally got rid of that blank avatar. I like the one you’ve chosen. You clearly were on a mission and your perseverance was rewarded. I like the one you’ve chosen. And, the image you chose for this post is PERFECT! LOL.

    Davinas last blog post..This Is Me, Then and Now

  2. Sumiran says:

    Hi sara! your post made me to chose one avatar for me. Not decided yet though, which is for me

    Sumirans last blog post..Five Delusions of Spiritual Journey.

  3. Hi Sara – I’m blushing. Your words are so kind. And…I’m so happy I was able to help.

    Finding an avatar can be fun, but at times frustrating. Like you, I chose not to use my own photo. Soon I hope to have a logo, and when that happens, it will become my avatar.

    I love the paper bag you used in this post. THAT would actually make a very original avatar.

    BTW: I checked out your avatar on a previous post. I love it.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..How To Lose Blog Visitors

  4. Daphne says:

    Hi Sara,

    I really enjoyed this post because it was personal and yet had a strong universal message – instead of fitting yourself into the available symbols, choose one that represents who you really are. I love your gravatar! It’s all you said you wanted to be – caring, compassionate, yet cool and chic!

    Daphnes last blog post..How Does Your Life Script Read?

  5. Great job, Sara! It feels great having an online identity, doesn’t it? Not that you didn’t have an identity before, but the process of thinking through who you are and what you are in the process of becoming is SO encouraging. And finding the perfect image to suit you is very fulfilling.

    I have a suggestion … make a jpg of your avatar and add it to this post. It would make you post all the better, if we could see the new you!

  6. Sara says:

    @Davina — Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you like my avatar. Today, while doing some research about meditation, I found avatar is a mediation term. It means a person who is fully god realized at birth and therefore needs no spiritual training. In Hinduism it is the manifestation of a deity in human or animal form. I like this idea! Also, I think your avatar is beautiful and it really fits you!

    @Sumiran — Take your time. You’ll find the right one.

    @Barbara — You deserve to be proud of the many “lessons” you’ve helped bloggers learn! I look forward to seeing your logo, but will miss your current avatar…I like her!

    @Daphne — Thank you. I’m pleased you see the characteristics I wanted to show in my avatar. I love your site!

    @Tammie — That’s a great idea about making the avatar into a picture on my site. I’ll work on that and I really get a chuckle when I look at yours! I loved your post, How Important is Forgiveness. It made me really think.

  7. Evita says:

    Hi Sara!

    Cute post and very useful for the blogging world. I guess whether some like avatars or hate them, they are a mark, sort of like a signature that represents us.

    I did sign up my avatar with gravatar, but it still does not show up on all sites (not sure if it will show here).

  8. Sara says:


    You’re right avatars are like a signature. However, I liked the meditation definition the best (see my comment to Davina)

    Your avatar did not show up. Have you checked back with Gravatar? They have a pretty good help section and there are questions about the reasons avatars do not show up. Just log in and in the upper right corner is “HELP.” I hope this will get your avatar out of hiding!

  9. Mark says:

    Great choice! I love your process that you used! Though the eyes of a child many lessons are learned and remembered.

    Marks last blog post..Sharing Our Stories and Discovering Communities

  10. Sara says:

    @Mark — Wiser words could not be spoken! Thanks for the comment.

  11. Sara,

    As you’ve seen – the EASY part is getting a gravatar- choosing the RIGHT avatar is the hard part. Thanks for sharing the process here!!!

    Kathy @ Virtual Impaxs last blog post..First Impressions and the Placebo Effect

  12. Sara says:

    @Kathy — So true!!!!

  13. Tony Single says:

    Thank you, kind ma’am. I am in the process of fixing my faceless dilemma right now. 🙂

    Tony Singles last blog post..…and Flood [Trottersville #109]

  14. Liara Covert says:

    An avatar may reflect an alter ego or it may simply be an effort to mask the truth. In the spirit world, transparancy is the norm. Beings can see through thoughts and there is no ego to prompt one to hide. As one raises awareness of energy, one can learn to shift vibrations of different telepathic thoughts. One realizes details flow on a need-to-know basis.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..10 Revelations to prick the ears

  15. Sara says:

    @ Liara — I don’t know if my avatar is an alter ego, but I do know that when I found this picture and read her name, Tree that grows hearts, I felt something special :~)

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