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Courage is…

We all recognize great acts of courage such as the man who stopped the tank in Tiananmen Square in China, and the firefighters and civilians who helped rescue people during the tragic events of 9-11. These stories are covered by the news media and we can’t help but appreciate the courage they represent.

On the other hand, people practice courage every day through actions that may not be seen on television or written about in newspapers. We don’t recognize them as great acts of courage.

These courageous acts are varied. I’m referring to those times when we faced down a fear; times we felt afraid or uncertain and yet continued on in spite of that fear.

While thinking about courage and what it means to me, I wrote the following words, “Courage is…”, to see what thoughts would come to mind. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Courage is continuing to live when you’ve lost someone you didn’t believe you could live without.

  • Courage is letting go of something that you’ve loved, but can no longer keep.
  • Courage is having a dream and keeping its flame alive, even when others try to blow it out.
  • Courage is taking on your own personal monsters, stealing their power, but allowing them to live.

  • Courage is seeing your beauty, though it’s buried in self-doubt.
  • Courage is reaching out to help someone, even when they scare you, harass you or seem ungrateful.

  • Courage is forgiving when you want to hate.

  • Courage is being who you are, even if others don’t accept you.

What about you?

How would you complete the phrase, “Courage is…”? I invite you to leave your thoughts in the comment box.

26 comments on “How Courageous

  1. Talon says:

    Sara, I love the thoughts you’ve shared on courage and particularly like “Courage is being who you are, even if others don’t accept you”.

    I think so often people think of the huge courageous moments and acts in life and forget the day-to-day courage it takes to live a valuable life.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Idiotic drivers and their partners in crime…. =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — I agree that living a valuable and authentic life takes courage. Also, the line you chose about courage is one of my favorites. As always, I love getting your comments. Thank you:~)

  2. Talon says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s wonderful to see you back and I hope the wedding was a pure delight!
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Idiotic drivers and their partners in crime…. =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — I am glad to be back, but am feeling very jet lagged. I also seem to have caught a British cold that was going around while I was there. The wedding was wonderful and, if I do say, the bride was absolutely gorgeous. They seem very happy. Thanks for mentioning this:~)

  3. Courage to me is following the road least traveled by. It taking steps to reaching your dream each day just because it is really inside your mind, but not others. It working harder on your self , by delaying gratification by all means. This is what i think true courage is.
    Your post has touched my soul and i appreciate this! God bless!

    • Sara says:

      @ Jonathan — I liked the comments you made about what courage is to you. I really agree that it takes courage to keep walking towards your dream and not letting anyone stop you. You honored me by saying that this post touched your soul. Thank you very much:~)

  4. LL Cool Joe says:

    I really love this list! Can I add them on my sidebar for a few days of course giving reference to you??

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    • Sara says:

      @ LL Cool Joe — I liked your site very much and am pleased to find it. It is now in my reader! Of course you may use the list. Just either give me a link or reference me. I’m pleased that you would consider putting this list on your site. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will come:~)

  5. Patricia says:

    A nice teacher along my way told me that the word courage comes from the French word for heart… courage is for me those moments when I follow my heart and my heart’s desire…

    Such nice words and idea sharing. Getting my reader back up and filled up is taking quite awhile, I discovered it is a bit like auto dialing phone numbers, when you just click you find it hard to remember blog names and spots! or maybe I am just getting old 🙂
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — That’s such a lovely thought. I like the idea that courage means heart. What better thing to say about courage…”courage is for me those moments when I follow my heart and my heart’s desire.” Thanks for sharing your thougts Patricia…I always appreciate them:~)

  6. Liara Covert says:

    To remember you have untapped inner courage is like a revelation that propels you forward in many areas of your life. These insights you offer are very meaningful. You invite visitors to reflect on aspects of their lives they may not have explored before. You also gently remind people they are more capable than they often assume. Thanks for the uplifting reassurance!
    .-= Liara Covert´s last blog ..David Icke & a new spiritual revolution =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Liara — Thanks for your kind thoughts. I do hope people will think about what courage means to them and that they will, as you say, be reminded that “they are more capable then they often assume.”

  7. Carol says:

    Now, don’t tell me YOU took this photo too! Love it! I love the last quote as well – courage is being who you are . . . I think that just says it all.
    .-= Carol´s last blog ..Stress Relief and Hot Yoga =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Carol — No, the photo was taken by Coldimages from stock photos. I can’t tell why exactly I picked it. It is a bit odd for the post, but somehow it spoke to me. Both you and Talon picked up on my favorite “courage is…” Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy reading your comments:~)

  8. Tony Single says:

    Courage is getting out of bed to face the day.

    I’ve said it too often now, I’m sure, but I love coming here. Thank you for writing, Sara. Don’t stop, and I hope you’re feeling better soon… 🙂
    .-= Tony Single´s last blog ..Into the Red Planet =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Tony — You are so right about that “courage is getting out of bed to face the day.” That’s exactly how I feel right now! I’m still so jet lagged from my trip that I just want to cozy back into the bed.

      Thank you Tony for your words of encouragement and I am pleased that you like visiting my site. The feeling is mutual. No one makes me laugh like you do:~)

  9. For me, it means keeping the faith in myself and knowing everything is going to turn out all right — rather than being “realistic,” which really means pessimistic and lacking faith in the goodness of the universe.

    • Sara says:

      @ Chris — First of all, I really LOVE your book and recommend to everyone!!!! Regarding your comment: I agree it takes courage to have faith in yourself AND in the Universe:~) To me, you are a very good example of someone who shows this courage!

  10. Sara,
    How long have you been writing blog post? because i had a great time reading it.
    .-= jonathan figaro´s last blog ..Why You Need Affirmation To Succeed =-.

  11. Sunny Jamiel says:

    Courage is to let go of the familiar and embrace the unknown in the pursuit of your dreams.

    • Sara says:

      @ Sunny — That’s a really good “courage is…” I know how that feels. I wish I could say I always “embrace the unknown in pursuit of [my] dreams”, but more often than now, I’ve been dragged hanging on to what’s familiar for dear life before I realize the power of letting go and discovering something new and wonderful:~) Thanks for sharing this thought and the courage reminder!

  12. Davina says:

    Hi Sara. I’m fascinated by this statement: “Courage is taking on your own personal monsters, stealing their power, but allowing them to live.” It really lands for me as truth. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the “monsters” are no longer seen as a threat when we take our power back. There is NOTHING to destroy. Neat thoughts.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..5. Another Thyme, Another Artist =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Davina — I believe we can’t actually destroy our monsters, but we can learn to live with them in peace. You are so right that this involves claiming our power by facing our personal monsters and realizing they can no longer scare us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Davina:~)

  13. Sara Wow 2007, I just started like 3 months ago. I guess i need some catching up …lol
    .-= Positive Gangsta´s last blog ..Zig Ziglar’s Instant Goal Setting =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Positive Gangsta — If you just started a few months ago….look at you now! It took me ages to realize the etiquette of blogging. After learning how to form a blogging community, I realized how much more there was to blogging and it’s made all the difference for me. It so nice to know there are people all over the world that are kindred spirits. Blogging is an amazing thing:~)

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