Story Photo: What’s to See?

Speak to you

I am not going to spend a lot of time telling you why I took this photograph or what it means to me:~) Instead, let’s get right to it.

Today, I want you to tell me what’s to see in this picture. Stop for a moment and look at it. How does this picture speak to you? When you’re ready, choose one of the challenges and respond in the comment box. It’s that easy!

The challenge

With this challenge, you can answer one, two or all the questions. It’s up to you.

  • What do you notice most about this picture?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Is it at the beginning, the middle or the end of something? Why?
  • What do you think this is?

The special challenge

Your comment must include answers to ALL of the following questions. You can answer them sequentially or you can create a story that answers them.

  • If you were to give the object in this picture a name, what would you call it?
  • Where do you think this object lives?
  • Would it be friend or foe? Give reasons for your answer.
  • If this object were to talk to you, what would it tell you?

I’m ending this Story Photo Challenge with a quote from one of my favorite photographers.

“While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.” ~ Dorothea Lange

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

44 comments on “Story Photo: What’s to See?

  1. Lynn says:

    What I notice the most are the five teeth-like things in the “mouth” of what I imagine to look like a snake’s head. Eeek! But I think it is a bud to some blossoming thing. 🙂
    .-= Lynn´s last blog ..Beer can girl- the long way and what looks good =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Lynn — I can see the snake’s head, given that this reaches out as if lunging at you. Sorry for scaring you:~)

  2. Hmmm…i notice some alien bud like mouth with weird huge teeth.
    Looks scary and it’s at the middle of some branch. I think it looks like the Venus fly-trap and maybe some kind of carnivorous plant.

    Special Challenge:- I would call it Hibiscus cannabis don’t know why just thought such a name suits it 🙂
    I think it leaves in some arid areas in the U.S maybe Arizona just guessing.
    It can be a friend or a foe depending on how you treat it or approach it. If it doesn’t feel threatened it may become friendly.
    If it could talk to me maybe it would say, “Hey am from the planet Plethora and i come in peace ” 🙂

    Loved the challenges Sara~

    Wild Rose~
    .-= Julliette O (LarvK)´s last blog ..Mapped =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Wild Rose — What a great response to the special challenge. I like the name, Hibiscus Cannabis!!! That’s great and it does kind of look like it might be deadly. I am pleased that a visitor from planet Plethora comes in peace:~)

  3. Talon says:

    It looks like a spaceship to me – attached to the mother ship by a very long umbical cord. The lights seem to wink as it bobs around and the aliens inside are observing our planet. They speak in what we think of as gibberish, but if we could translate, they would be saying,

    “Hello…can you hear me? Please don’t be afraid…we just want to say hello…”

    Most people see it as a flower bud – but a bud with bite! The aliens figured it would be less threatening if they made the craft look less scary. They had no idea it could be mistaken for teeth. Poor aliens. Always misunderstood.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Morning on the lake =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — I love the end of your story…”Poor aliens. Always misunderstood”:~) Thanks for sharing this…it was fun to read!

  4. Linda says:

    Hi Sara, this is a nice topic. Thanks for the challenge.

    Every year Cordelia arrives to herald the coming of Spring. She is, of course, the beloved Dogwood. The very essence of Spring in the South. She lives in the yards of beautiful Southern homes, and along winding country roads. She is a friend who inspires happiness, is the subject of many poems, and shines brightly in the warm rays of the sun. She would remind me to enjoy the beauty around me, as it is sometimes forgotten in this busy world.

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — This is why I love photographs and the story photo challenges. Everyone sees a picture differently. It’s interesting that you saw the object in this one as friendly and inspiring happiness. I like this and I loved these words of yours, “She would remind me to enjoy the beauty around me, as it is sometimes forgotten in this busy world.” I’ll keep these words in mind today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this:~)

  5. desk49 says:

    • Challenge:

    • What do you notice most about this picture?
    • The start of new life

    • How does it make you feel?
    • Old

    • Is it at the beginning, the middle or the end of something? Why?
    • Middle. Why? Because of the older steams behind it.

    • What do you think this is?
    • A flower. But I’d guessing a lily pad it looks like water behind it.

    • The special challenge:
    • .
    • If you were to give the object in this picture a name, what would you call it?
    • Opippeuseconeah { o-pip-ee-us-o-kawn-eyah}

    • Where do you think this object lives?
    • In ponds and waterways down south by the sea.

    • Would it be friend or foe? Give reasons for your answer.
    • Friend, it specializes in eating flying insects the feed on blood.

    • If this object were to talk to you, what would it tell you?
    • You’re feeble a temped at saving the planet is wasted. We’re going to take it back from you by eliminate everyone of you.
    .-= desk49´s last blog ..2 Tales of the Sea =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ desk49/Ellis — WOW. You answered both challenges. I’m impressed. I liked ALL your answers, but my favorite was the answer to the question, If this object were to talk to you, what would it tell you. So much for friendly, but accurate. I also liked how you did the pronunciation of the name. I never would have been able to say that name correctly, otherwise.

      I do so enjoy your comments, Ellis:~)

  6. What do you notice most about this picture?
    Those teeth-like things which I hope is the pistil!

    How does it make you feel?
    Honestly, a bit unsettled. I’ve visited many botanical gardens but this is an unusual looking bud of some sort, I’m guessing.

    Is it at the beginning, the middle or the end of something? You mean the teeth? Good question. That would be the middle. Why? Because the petals are all around the pistil, no?

    What do you think this is? A bud of some sort that will hopefully blossom whose pistil will outgrow its awkward teeth-like look.

    If you were to give the object in this picture a name, what would you call it? A toothy smile (to make up for its menacing look — sorry, but this thing kind of scares me!)

    Where do you think this object lives? In a tropical climate where humidity weighs a ton.

    Would it be friend or foe? Give reasons for your answer. I’ll have to say both because I want to beleive that it’s not all bad despite of my judgment of how it looks.

    If this object were to talk to you, what would it tell you? I deserve love, too.

    • Sara says:

      @ Belinda — I love reading how you are figuring this object out. It is a bit confusing isn’t it. Nature is wonderfully creative in how it package it’s beauty, isn’t it? I like that you put it in a tropical place where the humidity weighs a ton…that’s actually correct, but not at time this picture was taken. I can tell that you’re not sure about this one. I like very much that you will give him or her the benefit of doubt and that you would express a need to be loved…that’s shows what a kind person you are:~)

  7. Meredith says:

    Great capture, Sara. It has such personality!

    * What do you notice most about this picture?
    I notice the teeth and goatee look to the little “face” that the blossom has created as it opens.
    * How does it make you feel?
    When I think of the face: Amused, and slightly quavery, the latter mostly because I can’t help but remember Audrey II from the Little Shop of Horrors as I look at that grinning mouth. 😉 But when I think of the tree itself, I feel a deep love, a poignant sadness, an awareness of impermanence and change and the need for acceptance (see next answer).
    * Is it at the beginning, the middle or the end of something? Why?
    It’s definitely at the middle. Why? Because all cycles are in the middle, always. The tree that made this bud took months to do so, but the buds were already nascent within the seed that birthed the sapling — and the blossom, when open and fertilized, is on its way to making another seed, and on and on. (I wish I could say forever, but as this appears to me to be a dogwood, now threatened with extinction, I’m afraid I cannot be so optimistic.)
    * What do you think this is?
    Dogwood bud, early spring. 🙂
    .-= Meredith´s last blog just makes sense =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Meredith — This picture made me think of the Little Shop of Horrors, although this plant isn’t Audrey II. I love how you answered the question about the beginning, middle or end…I had not thought of it this way, but it makes sense:~) It is early spring!!!

  8. Alien Ghost says:

    Hi Sara,

    Seems to me it’s a flower, but I have never seen one like this (not that I know about flowers) But going with the challenge:

    -“What do you notice most about this picture?” The teeth!
    -“How does it make you feel?” It scares me!
    -“What do you think this is?” A carnivorous plant in the garden!

    The special challenge

    Dorothea found her way up between the Dandelions in my backyard.

    At first I thought she was just another plant growing in a space long forgotten in my “to do list” and didn’t really pay much attention until, walking by very close to her I heard teeth clutching by my side.

    I looked around trying to see from where the sound was coming from and saw her, looking at me at the same time those teeth were moving, trying to grab something for her lunch.

    “And you? What are you doing here?” I asked perplexed by the situation.
    “Remember those Sci Fi books you used to read when you were a child? It is happening!”
    “Asimov said that?”
    “Not Asimov dummy, the other authors, the cheap ones”
    “Yikes! So you are the first of the ones that will take over”

    I run from her side and never went back to the backyard again!

    .-= Alien Ghost´s last blog ..Don’t Say Sorry! =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Alien Ghost — I know the look of teeth is very obvious in this picture and you’re not the only it has scared. So far, I’ve noticed that any of the critters in my garden have disappeared…then again, would I notice? Seems to me carnivorous plants don’t usually leave evidence:~)

      I loved the story…it’s perfect for this plant…very clever:~)

  9. Davina says:

    Sara, I love this shot!
    I notice the teeth-like appearance the most. It reminds of a character from the movie, Alien. It’s creepy and I imagine it saying, “What’s you lookin’ at?” I also think it’s a bud about to blossom. Lol, I’d pick the name Willis 🙂
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Oh- Nothing =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Davina — I am so sorry! I missed replying to your comment. I never finished the movie “Aliens.” It’s sort of standing joke between JC and me because I usually love scary movies. Aliens was a bit too much for me. Mind you I got through the gross part with the stomach and the alien…what got me was when she’s walking down the corridor in the spaceship, hunting for the Alien. I never got past that scene.

      You’re in good company, however, with the movie idea. Meredith compared it the character in Little Shop of Horrors. I think both fit. BTW I like the name Willis…that’s fun to say.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this…I didn’t really expect everyone to find this little one so scary…it’s been an interesting Story Photo post!

  10. desk49 says:

    Okay slap my hand
    Poke a stick in my eye
    I cannot take created for

    My word, Talon’s spelling breakdown
    My brain works but my spell check doesn’t

    .-= desk49´s last blog ..2 Tales of the Sea =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ desk49/Ellis — Now that’s a new one for me…slap my hand; poke a stick in my eye….I’d never do that, even if I could via Internet.

      Regarding Talon’s word…this is what I love about make believe…we get to step outside “spell check.” It’s kind of fun to drive it crazy and see what it produces:~)

  11. I see a grinning monster.
    It’s heading straight for me. aghhhhhh.
    It makes makes me want to run hme to my mmmy
    .-= Arts web show´s last blog ..Web show ep 1 ‘cooking up a battle’ =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Arts web show — Thanks for joining in. Perhaps I should have given this picture a warning notice! Heavens forbid, I don’t want to scare away any potential friends. Take my word for it, this little one is more bark than bite:~)

  12. Tony Single says:


    What do you notice most about this picture?
    I’ll answer this way: “My, what big teeth you have!”

    How does it make you feel?
    A little… erm, fearful.

    Is it at the beginning, the middle or the end of something?
    The beginning.

    Well, it’s just seen me and is baring its fearsome teeth. The middle bit’ll be when it opens its mouth and swallows me whole. The end bit’ll be when it burps.

    What do you think this is?
    Well, I think it’s some kind of Day of the Triffids style, carnivorous plant, seedling thing that can levitate as well as munch on people. Oh, and it appears to have excellent dental hygiene. But… I could be wrong…


    If you were to give the object in this picture a name, what would you call it?
    Actually, I’ve changed my mind. It’s not a weird plant thing after all. It’s a giant, alien worm that’s got huge set of ginormous gnashers. I call it “freakin’ scary”!

    Where do you think this object lives?
    Well, it was originally on loan from the Frank Herbert Injured Sandworms Reserve on Mars, but the Great London Zoo mislaid it somewhere and never found it again. That’s what happens when you get worms.

    Would it be friend or foe?
    It was a foe, but then along came Merlin with his walking stick. Merlin knocked out the giant worm’s teeth, and that’s how Stonehenge was formed.

    Give reasons for your answer.
    I can’t do that. None of my anwers make sense. Ever.

    If this object were to talk to you, what would it tell you?
    To floss more.

    • Sara says:

      @ Tony — All of your answers are great. I laughed through both challenges. I was impressed that you did both of them. I loved the “burp” at the end and the part about Merlin knocking the teeth out, which then turned into Stonehenge. How do you come with this and make me laugh so much!!! Oh, next time, I include the sentence, “Give reasons for your answer” I will be sure to allow for exceptions, like you:~)

      p.s. maybe I should send this picture to the American Dental Association…perhaps they’d want to use it in the advertising campaigns, what do you think?

  13. Mark says:

    This looks like a bud that is about to open. It is both and end and a beginning. It is the end of the bud and the beginning of a flower. At first glance it looks like some sort of alien with teeth.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Stirring the Pot =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Mark — In reviewing my replies, I realized I missed your comment. You are right. It is a bud about to open. I like what you said about it being both a beginning and an ending. You’re the bud ends and flower begins.

      I have put a picture of what the “bud” became in my top left sidebar:~)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this!!

  14. Hi Sara – I notice the mouthlike/teethy quality of it. And the colors, which I love. It’s a beautiful shot. Makes me feel hopeful and curious, because I think it’s a living thing. Not sure if it’s going to burst into bloom or about to drop its seeds, though. I’m going to pass on the special challenge today and just enjoy basking in the glow of all that have come before. But I do want to say I love that Dorothea Lange quote. She was amazing.
    .-= Patty – Why Not Start Now?´s last blog ..Meaning Mondays- Stuff and Meaning =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Patty — That’s what everyone seems to have noticed…the appearance of TEETH. The challenges are always optional and I agree totally about Dorothea Lange. The person got me started with photography introduced me to Lange’s work and I’m still amazed at what one of her photo’s makes me feel.

  15. Colleen says:

    Gees, looks like whatever it is is very angry! Or perhaps it it showing us the need and the reminder for good dental care! I like the way you have it in focus, but nothing else is.
    .-= Colleen´s last blog ..Barnard Griffin Winery’s 5 for 5 at 5-00pm =-.

  16. Kelvin Kao says:

    I saw a mouth with teeth, ready to take a bite. This would probably be seen in an enchanted forest in a movie, and will most likely be done in computer graphics, eat an insect, and then chase after the main character.

    But I guess that’s not what that really is…
    .-= Kelvin Kao´s last blog ..Russian Spy Ring Case Likely a Movie Promotion Stunt =-.

  17. Patricia says:

    I saw it as a space ship with the port doors just opening, but I was most attracted to the purple color of it.
    I loved the neat row of “teeth” and how they are repeated on the top and yet still hidden.

    I would call it an explorer ….and it will fully burst open and reveal it’s loveliness and splendor in due time.

    such an amazing photograph….I admire your work and capture of the image -budding
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Stopping to Smell the Flowers =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — Now, that’s clever and a new take on this. Looking at it, I can imagine this…the port door opens and the little shuttle rushes in to escape the Klingons massive cloaked ship. Couldn’t tell I am Star Trek fan, could you?

      Regarding my photography, thank for you kind words. I have a lot of fun with it!

  18. Fireblossom says:

    It looks like an alien with a really bad dentist.
    .-= Fireblossom´s last blog ..A God For Gypsies =-.

  19. AGHHH!!! A toothy flower! I bet she’s lippy over all those teeth, just like me 🙂
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Colorado! =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Sara — Yeah, I think she a hard time finding the right shade to match he blush. Unfortunately, when she was young, her parents couldn’t take it to the Orthodontist. It was sad because she on a stem and everybody knows what happens when cut the stem…so she’s stuck with those teeth….at least in my photo. It’s wasn’t long before she blossomed in a lovely flower.

  20. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Sara
    No need to make anything up about this one… that thing is the creature from Alien.
    You know the one, the thing that emerges from John Hurt’s stomach and the audience is suddenly silent.
    Scary photo Sara, very scary.
    .-= Keith Davis´s last blog ..A splash of colour =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Keith — Davina agrees with you and I can see the resemblance. Like I told Davina, I never managed to get through this movie, even though I like horror and scary films. Sad to say, it wasn’t where the alien comes for the guy’s stomach; it was where Sigourney is walking down the spaceship corridor hunting for the alien and you know it’s about to leap out at her. I couldn’t get past that:~)

      See what the creature actually became. A picture of it is up at my site in the left sidebar!

  21. Joy says:

    Hi Sara,
    What do you notice most about this picture? I notice the splash of color in the foreground, the rest kind of fading away in the background..
    How does it make you feel? Hopeful…
    Is it at the beginning, the middle or the end of something?Beginning
    Why? I feel like this little particle is like a shooting star ready to take off…
    What do you think this is? a flower bud of some spectacular plant..
    If you were to give the object in this picture a name, what would you call it? Hope budding…
    Where do you think this object lives? Literally in the each of our hearts…
    Would it be friend or foe? Give reasons for your answer. Friend to all–although some might perceive it as a foe..judging from the answers above, hope strikes fear in some, encourages others to make the change necessary to soar…
    If this object were to talk to you, what would it tell you? this object would say…little one…I am the splash of color in your world..Look how I’ve brighted up the scene that I am in..*that* is what I may do to your world if given the chance..Just open your heart and allow me in, and I will take your heart whispers soaring with me to the moon..Dream big grandiose dreams because you know they may become reality the moment you allow them to..Take this bud of hope and allow it to grow abundantly in your life, share it with those around you..and soon..soon little one you will see..*Everything* truly is possible..
    Much peace…
    .-= Joy´s last blog ..Wednesday Wisdom- Embrace Truth =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Joy — I always love your take on these challenges. You find such good in what you see, especially given the look of this little bud. I loved that you saw this bud at the “beginning,” that it lives in “each of our hearts,” and that its message is so positive: “Just open your heart and allow me in, and I will take your heart whispers soaring with me to the moon.”

      Thanks for sharing your positive self in this challenge:~)

  22. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. just quickly – lots happened this end and trying to catch up ..
    – a dragon
    – a snake’s head
    – a budding tree .. I suspect ..

    It’s a lovely picture .. bye for now .. Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Could this be a sitcom – or a break out sitcom Ever had a one word – at a time – conversation Fish and Chips – how do you spell it =-.

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — I read that you’ve been busy with your mom…so don’t worry. It is a bud and it’s a dogwood tree bud. I have the full flower up on the top left hand side of my site:~)

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