Guard Your Life Basket

Police Dog Training

I once watched a program about police dogs and how they are trained. One event, “Guard the Basket” caught my eye. In this event, a police dog had to guard a wicker basket against a man who would try to steal it.

One dog was unbelievably good at this task. She took her job very seriously. Each time the man tried to steal the basket, the dog stopped him. She never lost her focus on where the man was and anticipated his moves. Again and again he tried, but he never stole her basket.

Something is Missing

We all begin our lives with a basket full of hopes, dreams and passions. Then we get busy. Like speeding cars on a super highway, we travel so fast that our lives blur. We lose our focus in the rush and take our eyes off our baskets. Slowly, the things that gave us contentment and joy begin to disappear.

Later, when we stop rushing so much, we realize something is missing. Life just doesn’t seem as full of promise as it did when we were younger. Fortunately, we’re lucky. The dreams and passions the basket once held may seem lost, but they’re still there inside us. Unlike the dogs in the competition, we get a second chance to change our lives.

What You Can Do

If your life basket is feeling rather light because it’s missing things you dreamed about doing or the things you love, here’s an exercise what you can do to replace what’s missing.

1)  Close your eyes and picture your basket when it was full. What did it hold that was very special to you? What dreams, hopes and passions filled your basket?

2)  Look at your basket right now. What’s missing from it? What has your basket lost along the way? Was there something it held that you loved as a child, but left behind as an adult? What do you miss the most?

3)  Decide what you want to put back into your basket. What needs to go back into your basket right now? Is it several things that you want to put back or maybe just one very important thing?

Whatever you put back into your life’s basket, don’t forget to be like the police dog. Keep your focus on your hopes and dreams and don’t let anyone steal them away again. Protect your passionate life; it’s very precious!

What about you?

Care to share what you want to put back in your basket and why?

21 comments on “Guard Your Life Basket

  1. Lynn says:

    No sharing today, but it did make my basket flash into my head and realize what is missing. A nice post, Sara.

    • Sara says:

      @ Lynn — That’s what’s important — for you to see what disappeared from your basket when you weren’t looking. I’m glad you liked the post:~)

  2. Shay says:

    Sings: “If I could make a wish, I think I’d pass…can’t think of anything I need…”

    I admire that police dog, though. That’s devotion to a task!

    • Sara says:

      @ Shay — It’s funny. I happened to turn to this odd channel and found that show. You would have liked it. The dogs were absolutely amazing. One climbed a 9 or eleven foot fence that was straight up and down. Put it this, I wouldn’t want a criminal with these dogs after me:~)

  3. The Exception says:

    This was great Sara!! I have put creativity in my basket and am now working to protect it. I allowed it to be less protected for a long time – only holding on to aspects of it but not the writing portion. I have let the photography and the digital stuff go for a while and now… I am writing and creating again… Loving it.

    And you?

    • Sara says:

      @ TE — I suppose our “baskets” have to get re-sorted every now and then. I’m pleased for you that you are pursuing your creative side. I’m enjoyed coming to your site and see the magic you create with words:~)

  4. Kelvin Kao says:

    I am sure there are also occasions where people been carefully guarding a basket, and only to realize that there’s only junk in the basket later. Life is cruel that way sometimes. Got to think about what to put in the basket! (And if it doesn’t stay in, grab the offensive rebound.)

    • Sara says:

      @ Kelvin — LOL Let’s hope that doesn’t apply to most people…although I suppose it’s not bad to some junk as long as the junk doesn’t bury the things that you are passionate about.

      I think you’ve been pretty good about your basket…You’ve been busy creating that app for the iPad. Perhaps you need to out some “R & R” back into your basket. Truly, I was impressed with what you designed. It had to a complex activity. As you tell from my language…I’ve a clue how you did what you did…but I am suitably IMPRESSED:~)

  5. Serena says:

    I needed to read this today as, lately, I’ve been feeling a little lost and sorry for myself. I will ponder more on what to place in my basket…it may well help me to find myself again and get back on track. For starters, perhaps my passion for art and journaling, my love of animals and nature and, of course, family.

    Love, light and peace,

    • Sara says:

      @ Serena — I think sometimes we do feel a bit lost when things go missing from our life basket. You’ve been very busy lately and sometimes dealing with the “everyday” things in life is where we naturally lose our focus. I have lots of faith in you that it will not be long before you are back enjoying your creative passions:~)

  6. Eliza says:

    Oh, what a fantastic visualization exercise. I started it and could clearly see a basket, but it’s almost bedtime and I cannot do the exercise justice. I am jotting this down in my journal for when I have extended quiet time. Thanks! I love exercises like this.

  7. Talon says:

    I like that image, Sara, of a life basket. I think I’m blessed – mine’s pretty full to overflowing and it’s guarded not only by me, but by my friends and family (and of course my menagerie). I rummage through it quite often and toss some things in the compost and some in the trash…some get a spit and a polish and some things get introduced and settled in.

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — Given what I know of you, your basket is almost continually full to overflowing. You are a good overseer of what’s important in your life:~)

  8. desk49 says:

    I’ve never gave it a thought
    what was ask by you
    of what would I do
    was my basket
    shallow or deep
    in it what would I keep
    This basket of mine
    was it full to the brim
    or was the pickings slim
    you makes my head spin
    these questions you ask
    as I pounded this task
    What would I put back
    In this basket of time
    Nothing from this past of mine

    • Sara says:

      @ ellis —
      So, friend of like mind,
      What in the future can you find
      to let your life basket grow?
      I bet a few you already know!!!

  9. suzen says:

    Hi Sara! Oh this was just WONDERful! I do mean full of wonder too. Lovely idea to bring that elusive focus thingy back, and put it in a basket. That so defines then – love that!

    I think the contents of my basket have shape shifted over the years but now are squarely focused on using my creativity and compassion to help as many people as I can to learn about healthy living – it’s a giving back kind of focus and it feels right for me. My dog Mondo will guard that basket and you DO NOT want to mess with him! He’s tiny but he’s tough! 🙂

    • Sara says:

      @ Suzen — I think you’ve been consolidating the things in your basket. They were always there, but now they’re coming together in a very healthful way:~)

      Regarding the dogs, one thing I have learned in my experiences with dog is that the smaller ones are often the tougher ones!

  10. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. great thought – to refill the basket .. or adjust its contents .. I’m putting focus into my basket & getting on with things .. then the basket should start to fill ..

    Thanks – looking forward to being with you on our journey with Davina .. and The Write Impact .. cheers Hilary

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — That’s a good one. I think I need to look at my own basket and perhaps also add “focus” to it:~)

      Thanks for the comment:~)

  11. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Sara — yeah, the last few years of my life have been pretty much devoted to diving headfirst into the basket, I guess you could say. An interesting image came up just now — I think often we can’t see the basket because it’s actually on our heads. We’ve cut two eyeholes in it and we forgot we’re wearing it — just like people say a fish doesn’t know what water is. In other words we don’t see what we have to offer the world because it’s in our face all the time. Thankfully we’re sometimes lucky enough to get the chance to remove the basket from our heads and start using it to, I guess, pick dandelions and such. 🙂

    • Sara says:

      @ Chris — It’s fun to see how you think. I like this idea, but I do think it makes it more challenging. I agree, however, that often the contents of our life baskets are not as visible. Perhaps like you suggested we are too close to them or we bury them under a bunch of junk. The important thing, to me, is that we take the time to consider what belongs in our basket and what we want to with it.

      Thanks for the comment:~)

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