Every Day Gifts

Every-Day-Gifts_480Sometimes gifts don’t come wrapped up in fancy paper with silk ribbons.

Sometimes they don’t look like gifts at all…at least not in the beginning.

Sometimes they’re just everyday moments that turn into gifts.

Sometimes they’re actions, like a friendly smile, a hug, or pat on the back.

Sometimes they’re words, like “I love you,” “You’re special” or “It will be okay.”

Sometimes we give them to someone else who needs them.

Sometimes they’re given to us when we need them.

*     *     *     *     *

I wrote this because lately I’ve been given some gifts I didn’t expect. They weren’t what I asked for, but just what I needed.

They didn’t come  wrapped up in the fancy paper and silk ribbons. They were just everyday moments that happened in my life.

They were the kind word I gave to someone who needed it or the  laugh someone gave me when I needed it. In both cases, I got gifts!

I could have easily not noticed them as the gifts they were, but the Universe was sneaky and whispered in my ear reminding me.

It’s good to pay attention to the every day gifts in life. Sometimes, they are the most precious gifts of all:~)

What about YOU?

What every day moment in your life has been a precious gift to you recently?

Have you given an every day gift of a smile or a kind word to someone recently? If so, care to share about it and how did it made you feel?

26 comments on “Every Day Gifts

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. yes often – a conversation which leads to much laughter and mirth .. good for us all. It’s the little things in life that give so much pleasure … the flowers that are springing … letting someone else through the door first … not rushing and pushing, being polite ..

    I ‘got lost’ recently in London and ended up at a Church in Greenwich, because I’d run out of time .. and what a blessing that was – so interesting and fascinating … I had an interesting chat with the Nigerian volunteer assistant … always be wiling to learn I say .. and it was a gorgeous day … Spring in England .. oh yes! Today is gloomy! but not cold ..

    Cheers Hilary

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — I like your story of getting lost and having a conversation with the Nigerian assistant. Maybe, you really didn’t get lost, but were meant to have that conversation:~)

      • Hilary says:

        Hi Sara .. I noted my geographical knowledge of west Africa had departed from my brain .. I must get my Atlas out and remind myself, even if it is of the Colonial names … he asked me to name the countries! I got some .. but was somewhat mortified the brain didn’t refresh itself to remember the others … I’d been preoccupied with southern Africa, I guess! Though since writing my DNA posts I’d learnt about the wheereabouts of some more African countries ..

        Cheers Hilary

        • Sara says:

          @ Hilary — As we older, our brains take a bit longer to “refresh.” On the other hand, you could say it’s because we’ve stored so much knowledge…and gifts…in our brain, it has to work harder than the newer versions:~)

          I have really enjoyed our latest posts. The one about the bones was fascinating.

  2. Lynn says:

    Somehow I’ve become the “go to” person in my office for prayer requests. Something to live up to – for sure. I’m a regular church goer and they know that. There is something horrible going on with a coworker’s family and the details make me so glad for the life I have (devoid of drama for the most part.) Yesterday coworker’s son had to give a deposition for the upcoming court case and was frazzled. “Lynn – would you pray?” I heard later that a feeling of calmness and peace descended upon the son and I was given credit for that. That’s exactly what I prayed for. I hope I am helping. It makes me think that’s exactly why I am in this office with the low pay. It makes me feel I am helping this family in some way.

    • Sara says:

      @ Lynn — What a lovely comment. To give someone peace and calm in a very difficult time through prayer. It sounds like you are doing God’s work. I never discount the strength of prayer, whatever the religion or belief. It comes from the heart, which gives it so much energy. It doesn’t surprise me you are the one people call on, but I don’t think it’s just because you go to church, regularly. Although, that might help…I think people know of your spirit and generosity of kindness. Look at your site…it proves my point:~)

  3. Jean Sampson says:

    Hi, Sara, thanks for this question. First of all, Lynn, you just gave me a beautiful and encouraging start to my day with your story about how praying does change things for people. I am so thankful for you and the others like you in this world! Keep up the wonderful work you do with your prayers!
    Sara, I was able to give a small gift the other day to a wonderful artist (who has no idea how good she is). She has some beautiful work in a show at our art center but some of her friends who know nothing about art said something to her that made her feel as if she needed to change what she was doing. Well when she told me that I said that she should NEVER let her friends or anyone else tell her what she should be painting, especially friends who are NOT artists! I told her not to let anyone else decide what she should or should not paint and that she should change if and when SHE decides that she needs a change. Well, she was really grateful for what I said and she said, “Thanks! I really needed to hear that!” I like to encourage people and help them see their own strengths. They already know enough about their weaknesses and short-comings 🙂

    • Sara says:

      @ Jean — Now, this is typical of you:~) You don’t let your artists get waylaid by the naysayers, especially those who really don’t see the talent or understand it. I love this about you. You will step in and fight against the vampires of creativity. Your new name shall be Jean, The Slayer of Creativity Vampires. You will not need silver bullets because you have the gift of creativity yourself and know how to pass it to others. One they accept this gift, they can slay their own creativity vampires:~)

  4. JC says:

    When I walked into Chez Pierre 8 years ago and met you I didn’t realize what a great gift that was.

    • Sara says:

      @ JC — What a lovely comment. I can say the same back to you, even if it take awhile for me to really appreciate the gift:~)

  5. Linda says:

    A lovely post, Sara, and some equally lovely comments. Not really what you are looking for here, but Hubby’s trip has been extended several times, so Skype has been a gift of sorts.

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — Oh, dear! I am sorry as I know this must be difficult for you. I can see how Skype is a gift right now. Just think about it wasn’t long ago we had NO way of communicating in the way Skype lets us. It’s pretty amazing.

      Be good to yourself and I hope he’ll be home soon:~)

      • Linda says:

        His flight gets in tonight at 9:00. Skype has been a great way to stay connected and easier and cheaper than dealing with international phone calls.

        I did find another gift. I had a stack of DVDs I had reformatted to record some of our favorite shows. I picked up the next one on the pile and found it was not blank after all. It had video of Rosie, Molly, and Red, (no longer with us) as well as Dood, when he and Red were living outside. What a treasure. I had forgotten Jim had transferred it to DVD. How it came to be in that pile and not erased is beyond me…hence doubly a gift.

        • Sara says:

          @ Linda — FINALLY HOME!!!I love accidental gifts, like this one. I know you will enjoy that DVD and I bet it’s not out of the “erased” pile. I glad for your gifts, Linda:~)

  6. Carrie says:

    Everyday my husband rings me from work and it just makes me feel connected, no it so alone and instantly calmer. Even its just for a moment…even on those days when I’m so I can’t even speak. Hearing his voice is the best gift.

  7. Talon says:

    It’s amazing how the little things in life stack up and up until they outweigh some of our biggest moments. It’s knowing when (like you do, Sara,) those little moments have a ton of goodness tucked inside. That’s the secret to a truly happy life.

  8. Chris Edgar says:

    Yes, I definitely got one of those yesterday — I had just released Episode 1 of Steve’s Quest, and a friend called me and said “I hope you’re not doing all of this alone — I want to help in any way I can.” That was a big morale boost as I headed into the promotional phase for the episode.

  9. desk49 says:

    A gift you ask
    I’ll have to think
    A soft spoken word
    A young woman’s wink
    You’re not talking about
    A knife in the back
    A jailer’s deal
    Something to which I lack
    Will this thing make me
    Feel quite grand
    Dang I’ll have to give it
    Some thought, my man
    Was I to write all this
    In a line or two
    Sorry but I’m guessing
    this will just have to do

  10. Gerri says:

    You’ve been such a gift to me…xxO

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