A Mature Woman

flower-2_480Where I live April is a mature woman. She’s full breasted and slightly plump.

She wears green crinolines flowing to the ground, decorated with flounces of pink Azaleas, Yellow Jessamines, and purple Petunias.

Her cheeks are scarlet roses and her long hair golden lilies mixed with Spanish moss.

With her sweet scent, butterflies court her.

But, she’s fickle – sunny one moment and cloudy the next.

*     *     *     *     *

I’m supposed to be working, but I visited Fireblossom and discovered a new challenge.

Thanks to Words Count with Mama Zen, I wrote my first 66 word about April. It’s not poetry, but it was fun:~)

20 comments on “A Mature Woman

  1. patricia says:

    Oh Sara,
    This is one of my most favorite pieces that you have written and shared…Thank you so much and I am glad you found the challenge.The photograph is just terrific too – We had a sunny day and I fill like April is busting out too!

    Thanks for your nice words on my post!

    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — Wow, thank you. I’m glad you liked it. It was fun and almost wrote itself. I love it when this happens. It’s like the MUSE has taken control and I get to sit back and put the words into the computer:~)

  2. Margaret says:

    …she’s full breasted and slightly plump! This is poetry in my book.

    • Sara says:

      @ Margaret — Thank you about the poetry. This was a fun piece and they’re the best, aren’t they. When you get to play with words and actually CREATE something:~)

  3. janice says:

    Glorious! I’ve had fun meandering through the blogs that inspired such a creative break from your project and can now answer a bit of the question you asked in a previous post about what brings me hope: people brave enough to be honest, people with skills and passions, people who create, who read and pass on what they’ve read, who have fun with words and colour and poetry and still get stunned by art and nature in all its glory no matter how often they spend immersed in it. People who love connecting and sharing, authentically and generously. Kind people. Curious people. People who inspire because they’re inspired, who instinctively nurture and support because it’s how they show love. Because it’s the right thing to do. Humanity gives me hope.

  4. Lynn says:

    And very descriptive!

  5. Jean Sampson says:

    I love it! We are having a lovely spring here and there is lots of rain, even though we had plenty of water (in various forms) this winter. In fact, I am still making up winter classes!!! 🙁

    • Sara says:

      @ Jean — We’ve also had lots of rain. In a way, it’s been good because it’s washing away all the pollen, but I do miss the sunshine:~)

      You have to make up your winter classes? Wow. I bet this takes some time, given the winter everyone has had!

  6. Linda says:

    Hi Sara,
    Glad you took a little break. Spring is a lovely time of year, and you gave her even more personality.

  7. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. I keep seeing the trees, the blossoms and the bulbs burst forth, while the greening is just lovely – thankfully it’s a little cold (nearly freezing) at night and that’s ‘holding’ everything for us to enjoy that much longer …

    Lovely 66 .. those are fun when you come across them and get in the mood – as you’ve done here ..

    Cheers Hilary

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — I’m glad Spring is beginning to show up for you. Your nights sound rather chilly, but that’s not bad at night, is it?

      Thank you about the 66. It was fun:~)

  8. Patty says:

    Reading this simply makes me happy, Sara. It makes me want to be in the place you describe, with this mature woman. Thank you!

  9. Gerri says:

    Haha! I love it. I agree, she’s a fickle woman indeed. 😉

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