The Mysterious Case of the Missing Aliens


Story Photo Challenge

Many years ago, two aliens came to earth for their yearly vacation.

They chose Earth because most humans can’t see aliens. They are usually beyond our visual spectrum, which makes our planet a good vacation location for aliens.

That is unless something happens to the aliens and something DID happen to these two.

Something scared them so badly, they hid in the rocks to escape but became stuck and couldn’t escape.

Poor things might have been found sooner, but they paid for the bare-bones vacation travel insurance. Big mistake!

It took light years before the insurance company realized they hadn’t returned and contacted AVGB (Alien Vacations Gone Bad).

AVGB was more conscientious. They did a Google search, translated into their alien language, and found the pictures on Linda’s From Roses to Rainbows site.

Immediately, an AVGB detective was sent to solve the mystery of what happened to these aliens. This detective had to take human form to conduct the investigation.

This is where you come into the story. The AVGB detective has selected you as the human form!

So, investigate and tell us all what happened to these aliens.

Questions to consider in your investigation:

  1. Where did the aliens come from?
  2. Who was after them?
  3. Why’d they hide in the rocks and couldn’t escape?
  4. When did they arrive in Earth’s history?
  5. What does your final AVGB report say happened to them?

No time to play the challenge? That’s okay with me:~) Try the Quickie Question.

Quickie Question

What’s your favorite “alien” movie and why?

Photograph Credit

These photographs were provided by my good friend, Linda. Click here to learn more about where she took these unusual pictures.

20 comments on “The Mysterious Case of the Missing Aliens

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Sara,
    Thanks for using my photos in such an interesting, creative challenge. I’ll give some thought to how to solve this mystery.

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — I think I should be thanking you:~) The photos are great and were a fun subject for the SPC.

      I loved the post about the kittens and their new digs. There nothing like puppies and kitten to make one smile!

  2. Kelvin Kao says:

    Two aliens had decided to take a vacation on Earth.

    Sai was a customer service representative at an insurance company. You might know her profession as person who worked at a call center. She talked, she talked, and she talked some more the entire work day. The talking just never seemed to end.

    Lance was an insurance salesman at the same company. Every day he talked, and talked, and talked in order to sell insurance. The talking just never seemed to end.

    At the end of the day, they were both so sick of talking. Sai looked at Lance, and Lance looked back at Sai. An exchange of eye contact was already enough for them to communicate and decide on where to vacation, because, you know, science fiction stuff. Why they wouldn’t just do this with their customers, well, because, science fiction plot hole.

    Anyway, they’ve decided to go to Earth, a place that was not too hot, not too cold, had breathable air, but more importantly, way less populated than their home planet so they could hear way less talking. They picked a quiet place in the wild and enjoyed their quiet moments quietly reading their quiet books (as opposed to audio books) while sipping their quiet (non-carbonated) drinks. They enjoyed the quiet so much, that they decided against going back to work, even though their vacation days had run out.

    This was when Mr. Yap, sent all the way from their home planet by their company, showed up at their figurative doorstep.

    “Come back!” said Mr. Yap. “It’s time to go back and resume your life of talk and talk and talk.”
    “Never!” said Lance, while signaling Sai to join him under a rock. Sai complied.
    “Come out and get back to talking.” said Mr. Yap. “You can’t hide under a rock forever.”
    “Oh yeah?” said Sai. “Watch this!”

    Instead of hiding under a rock, they went INTO the rock. Mr. Yap could not get to them, because, you know, science fiction reasons.

    “Oh, watch me…” Mr. Yap walked away, annoyed. “I’ll get you guys out.”

    He put up flyers for an all-year party. This was quite an evil plan. You might have heard of events like Burning Man where people just drove into the middle of nowhere to party for a week or so. Well, this was a party that would last the whole year. The logistics would work, because, you know, science fiction reasons. The party was loud. People, including Linda who was there, were constantly talking.

    “I guess we are stuck.” Sai said. “I didn’t think that one through.”
    “Yeah, I really don’t want to go out there.” Lance said. “Let’s just stay in the rock yet.”

    Mr. Yap went back to the office. He thought this would be a perfect plan. Sai and Lance would be forced out of the rocks to get away from all the noises and come back, but apparently they were more stubborn than that. They were just going to wait there till the party was over, but people kept partying, so they were stuck there… for quite some time.

    Mr. Yap filed a report on this. Although Mr. Yap, Sai, and Lance all worked for the same insurance company, and the two got insurance policies with their own company, all this information fell through the cracks, because, you know, corporate bureaucratic incompetence, which was neither science nor fiction. They decided that the two were missing and sent a detective.

    The detective would be in the form of a human, specially Kelvin, because he was tall, handsome, muscular, charming, and he sparkled. It was also a way better disguise than what other aliens might chose, such as the forms of an automobile or electronic device.

    Kelvin went to the very place by science fiction means. He inspected the rocks, asked some random woman who turned out to be Linda to take some pictures, and just put them in as the report. He did not bother digging into it because he worked for an insurance company.

    He joined in on all the drinking that was in progress. This story ends here because he was too drunk to remember the rest.

    • Sara says:

      @ Kelvin — This is WONDERFUL! I loved reading it and laughed through the entire story, which is why I can’t tell you my favorite parts — there were too many:~) Actually, the entire story was a favorite! You amazed and pleased me with this one. Thanks for taking on this challenge:~)

      p.s. you might want to consider a career in writing science fiction!

      • Kelvin Kao says:

        Glad you liked it. I would hesitate to actually call it science fiction, because that would imply that there’s actually some basis in science. This is more of a wacky story that happened to involve aliens, much like Futurama (one of my favorite show) was a wacky story that took place in space.

        I did find the challenge to be quite interesting. You had already provided many details about the characters and events that took place, that I would need to get even more creative to make sure I still get the various things explained. It probably would’ve been a less creative story if there weren’t those constraints!

  3. Jean Sampson says:

    Well, these two aliens were coming to earth to see the dinosaurs (it was a long time ago) that they had heard about——it was sort of like a trip to the zoo for them. Anyway, when they got here, they didn’t know that they had landed right in the crater of an active volcano which was ready to blast! Well, they went WAY DOWN as far as they could go—-and then, feeling a HUGE blast of heat, they FLEW WAY UP out of that volcano and became one with lava and smoke and steam and a bunch of other really nasty stuff. Needless to say, they did not survive the blast, but, as the lava began to cool, became part of the lava flow themselves. And, guess what! Being the hearty little fellows they are, those aliens did NOT really die but went into suspended animation for several eons. When they woke up, they sent a signal for their people to “beam them up” and BOOM! Out of the lava rock they flew, back to where they came from with a BIG story to tell the others. No one from that planet has ever wanted to come to earth again. They did leave their marks on Earth, though, for those people in the future to discover and wonder about.

    • Sara says:

      @ Jean — Wow. You and Kelvin are on a roll. This was also a fun and good story. Not that this a surprise as your takes on these challenges are generally very creative. I love how your mind thinks…and you managed to give it a happy ending:~) Well, except for the alien travel industry. It must be tough to lose an entire planet!

  4. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara – the earthly landing of those two aliens awoke the mycelium threads, which promptly surrounded them … turned them around and made their bodies drill into the earth .. perfect circles were formed from the screw-drive their bodies made … healthily digested and never to been seen again .. til new aliens land, and the mycelium can have another meal …

    Who knows how cold my toes are … cheers Hilary

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — You never fail, but to challenge me at my own challenge. I had to look up “mycelium” and it does look a lot like what’s in the picture. Poor little aliens. I sure there will be intergalactic warnings issued about the terrible mycelium on Earth!

  5. desk49 says:

    Two aliens side by side
    Under a rock they did hide
    Deep within this earth they came
    It was theirs once they clamed

    Bird men was all they fear
    The bird song hurt their ears
    The rocks made the notes turn soft
    From the birds man high up loft

    They were the first you see
    Then the bird’s men came to be
    Still no money did the AVGB pay
    For not return on that preset day

    • Sara says:

      @ desk49 — Once again, your poetry delights…I loved it and laughed. You are an amazing poet, Ellis.

      Thanks for taking on this challenge:~)

  6. Patricia says:

    I have to get back to reading my next review book…these stories – replies were so funny and fun to read I have used up all my time!
    Thank you for the pictures and original story and for everyone’s great add ons….Wow this was great

    Look like HOBO spider webs in the fall garden too – they are aliens to our world

    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed the review about the Outlander and actually did check it out. I hope you have a great weekend:~)

  7. Fireblossom says:

    “Alien Nation” is my favorite alien movie. It had James Caan in it, and was about an alien slave ship that crashes near Los Angeles. The newcomers are received into earth society, but they have some odd traits. The women are bald, but have animal spots down their spines. And the aliens get high from drinking spoiled milk. Anyway, one of the aliens, Sam Francisco, becomes Caan’s partner as a police detective. It’s really cool. Later, they made a tv series based on the movie.

    • Sara says:

      @ Fireblossom — Wow. I’ve not heard of this movie, but it sounds like something right up my alley. I like syfy movies and this sounds fun. I giggled over the name “Sam Francisco. I can see him introducing himself, “Hi, I’m Sam (long pause) Franciso:~)

  8. Lynn says:

    How did I miss this post??? Awesome photos. I have to take the quickie question – I would say that movie Alien – with Sigourney Weaver.

    • Sara says:

      @ Lynn — I agree with your choice. That movie scared the living daylights out of me:~)

      BTW It’s fine to take the “Quickie Question.” That’s why I put it in:~)

  9. Linda says:

    Sara, another slow response here. I am taking a different approach.

    Since I was fortunate enough to find these poor souls (do aliens have souls?) and photograph them, the investigator came to ask me some questions…like I’d have any idea about aliens stuck in rocks. But he had a kind face and I knew he was just trying to solve mystery.

    I told him, I’m just guessing here, but since they were encased in stone maybe they were traveling from some nearby galaxy to this hot new vacation spot called Earth. Having just been newly formed there were occasional glitches with the atmosphere and getting everything settled into the proper orbit.

    Just as they were on their final approach, some of the residual gases became unstable and there was a huge explosion. Terror filled their eyes as they realized they were about to be consumed with the energy of the blast and thus they became one with the rock.

    Their terrorized faces were immortalized in the stone forever.

    The investigator just stared at me, shook his head and thanked me for my time. I’m thinking he didn’t like my theory.

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