God’s Chorus

I sigh as the porch fan slowly moves air across my face. The wicker rocking chair I’m sitting in creaks as my foot keeps it moving.

Somewhere nearby, I hear the cooing of courting doves. But they’re not alone, I also hear the loud warbling song of a wren seeking his mate.

A sudden breeze makes the crepe myrtle branches scratch at the eves of our house and sets our chimes to singing.

Somewhere nearby a dog barks. And even though it’s still early, the crickets are already practicing their nightly chorus.

In the distance, a lawn mower grumbles and a child’s high pitch laughter follows a splash from a neighbor’s pool.

Suddenly, a blue jay squawks a warning. I know he’s fooling around. The birds at our feeders aren’t taking a chance. I hear the rasp of branches in nearby bushes as they quickly seek safety.

If I listen closely, I can hear the buzzing of bees collecting pollen in our flower garden and a hummingbird’s chirp as it lands on our sugar-water feeder.

It’s a busy day for God’s chorus. But I take a deep breath and rock in my chair, glad to listen to it.

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One comment on “God’s Chorus

  1. James Koenigsberg says:

    couldn’t agree more!

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