When one door closes, another one opens….

The last post I put up was about the death of our cat, Aggie.

One my favorite stories about her occurred when I first got her.  I’d gone to PetSmart and was supposed to get a different cat, but that cat didn’t take to me. Feeling slightly rejected, I heard this constant meow from one of the cages. I looked up and this thin tabby cat was meowing and rubbing over and over against the cage bars as she stared right at me. I couldn’t resist and Aggie went home with me that day. Aggie and I went through a lot together.

She was a great cat and a character. When she died, it was hard on both Jim and me.  After her death, we made a promise to her and ourselves that we would  find a cat in need of a home, just as we’d done with her. We gave ourselves time to think about it before we began to honor our pledge. Only this time, we hoped to find a bonded pair.

It’s a myth that cats don’t like other cats. While some cats do prefer to be alone, others enjoy having another cat or two around.  Cats can be very social animals —  just in different ways than dogs.

So, after our grieving time, we made an appointment with our local humane society. When the day came for us to visit, we opened the door. Immediately we heard a bell ring, followed by  loud and persistent meows. I looked down in the cage nearest the door and a tabby cat was weaving back and worth over the wires of the cage, meowing constantly while staring up at me.

Immediately I remembered Aggie and thought, “See, Aggie has obviously sent her! She’s doing exactly the same thing Aggie did. It’s a sign!!! Even better, it turned out this cat had a sister and they were close. So, we checked them out and fell in love.

We were in the process of filing out the paperwork when it happened. The bell over the door rang again and some new  people pushed the door open and stepped inside. As soon as they did, the little tabby cat began to weave back and forth over the bars, meowing pitifully the entire time.

I laughed. So this was her shtick. She probably did it every time someone entered the door and the bell rang!!!

It was a good laugh on me, but even so, I still think it was Aggie who told her to look for us!!!

The other wonderful thing was this little determined tabby cat came with a sister. We fell in love with her as well. As you can see in the picture below, they are close. They chase each other through the house and often sleep right next to each other at night.

I am sure Aggie is pleased.




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