Happy New Year: Sharing

photo by sara b. healy


You can’t miss seeing me.
You with the bucket full of fish.
I stand; belly hungry.
Just one would fill my empty dish.

They come easy to you.
You get them with barely a fight.
I stand; eyes locked on blue.
Hoping one soon comes into sight.

You sit in your small chair.
You catch many with just a pull.
I stand; mouth begs. Please share!
Thank you, now my belly is full.

photo by sara b. healy

How do you plan to share in 2012?

Pick one, two, or all of these questions to answer in the comment box. Please let me know the question(s) you picked.

  1. In this New Year, what do you want to share with others?
  2. How do feel when you share with someone or someone shares with you?
  3. Why do you think sharing is so important?

Note to my readers…

In case you’ve wondered where I’ve been. We took a short vacation. I bet you can’t guess where!

It was so nice to come back and find so many wonderful comments in my box. I’ll be out visiting very soon. I’m looking forward to catching up with what you’ve been writing while I’ve been away:~)

Story Photo: Bad Hair Day

copyright by sara b. healy

The Haircut

I sat down in the chair.
He gave a haughty stare.
He said, I know just what to do.”
I asked, “Can I really trust you?”
He said, “Sure. I’ll fix everything.
Don’t you worry; I’m the hair king!”
I listened to snip, snip, snip,
Waiting for the perfect clip.
Now, my hair hangs uneven
Thanks to a cut by Stephen.*

This poem is loosely based on a Red Writing Hood prompt. The prompt was to write something about hair and I think the idea was to write a story, a character sketch or anything other than what I ended up writing. But sometimes you just have to go where your muse takes you!

Since no story developed, I began a desperate search for a picture to put something up at my site. I found this one and “VOILÀ!”  Somehow, the picture, the prompt and my muse decided to play together. It’s not exactly what Cheryl intended with her Write on Edge prompt,  but I had lots of fun writing this. In addition, I’ve been in that chair many times:~)

What about you?

  • Have you been in a chair like Stephen’s?
  • Care to share any of your stories about hair cuts?

* This poem is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. So, for any of the hair stylists out there named Stephen, this means I’m not talking about you:~)

Note to my readers: 

I will be around the blogosphere off and on in December. My daughter and her husband will soon be visiting from England. As I don’t get to see them very often, I plan on spending as much time as possible with them. I know you will understand:~)

Story Photo: Tales of Autumn

copyright sara b. healy

Autumn’s Dress

An aging autumn sews her dress, creates it bright.
Her fancy costume makes her shades quite the sight,
As she wears bold colors, trying to excite.
Her bustle
Gives a rustle.
An impish wind hears the sound, passes her by.
His cold breath spins her colors high into the sky,
Then he tosses them down, making autumn sigh.
Her lover
Creates a cover.

Your Story Photo Challenge

I love the autumn colors of leaves.To me, they are a wonderful gift nature gives us. A bright and bold way to enter into winter.

Your challenge today is to share what you feel about autumn. The poem above is what I felt.

To help you along, here are some questions you can consider. Remember, you do not have to answer them all, but please indicate in the comment box which question(s) you chose to answer.

  1. What do you like most about the autumn season?
  2. What’s a favorite memory you have of autumn?
  3. What food do you most associate with autumn?
  4. Care to share a quote or a short poem about autumn? You can write one yourself or share a link to one of your favorites.
  5. Write and answer the question about autumn you wished I’d asked.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy!

Play with Colors

This was me.
I was just an empty bottle
Sitting on the kitchen counter.

Someone had stolen all my color,
Drunk it down to the last drop.
Left me a bottle of barren plastic. *

This was her.
She was just an empty person
Staring at her computer screen.

Someone had stolen all her words,
Eaten them faster than fingers typed.
Left her a person of lost words.

Two empty souls.
Met each other in the kitchen,
Dreaming of being color full.

Someone told us to play together,
Blend my emptiness with her imagination
Left us feeling full of bright color.

This was simply a fun exercise. I was feeling really STUCK and didn’t know what to do for this post. So, I played with words and colors:~)

This week I got my flu shot. Unfortunately, it took. I’ve been feeling fluish and even a bit bluish this week.

I am closing comments for this post because I want to take a spin around the blogosphere.

I want to read the words of friends and let them fill me like the colors filled this bottle:~)

* For the eco-friendly, no plastic was harmed in the making of this post.