Gossip Girls

Flower-GossipThis picture made me think of two young girls.

To me, they look like they’re  whispering secrets to each other or maybe sharing some “gossip.”

What say you?

As always, you have a choice…

You can answer one question, take on one challenge, do it all, or just say “hi.”

Story Photo Challenge One

  1. What are the flower’s names?
  2. What or who is the topic of their gossip?
  3. What would you say to them?

Story Photo Challenge Two

Write a brief dialogue between the flowers.

Have fun!

SPC: Parallel Earths

parallel-house_600Okay, look at the picture. Do you see the house and its reflection?

It looks like a mirror image in water, but it’s not. Actually you’re viewing a parallel Earth.

So, instead of the reflection, the upside down house is actually real, just in a different world.

Today, you get to have magical powers. As such, you can make this world whatever you want it to be.

So, I’m curious…tell me about the world you see in this reflection.

  1. What are some differences between this world and ours?
  2. If you visited this parallel Earth, what would be most shocking to you?
  3. While visiting, you decide to go up to the house and knock on the door, who answers the door? What do they to say and how do you answer?

Today’s challenge is prompted by Fireblossom’s recent comment at my post, Believe in Hope: A Rant on Movies. She mentioned the movie, Another Earth. BTW I loved the movie…thanks Shay:~) Also, thanks to other visitors who gave me quite a long list of movies to watch!

It also touches upon a syfy show I used to watch called Fringe on Fox Network. Both dealt with two different versions of Earth and its historical timeline.