Thinking Thursday: If (Questions for the Game of Life)


I got If (Questions for the Game of Life) as a gift quite awhile ago. When cleaning out my bookshelves, I rediscovered it. It’s a a book with lots of interesting questions about life.

For “Thinking Thursday,” I decided to give you a few samples to try out.

I kept my choices to subjects that are not too personal, but let me tell you the book WILL challenge to consider some very personal “IFs.”

The book is fun and there’s a good mixture of the IF questions. You could easily use it at a party or as a personal challenge.

Picking the questions wasn’t easy as there are so many. In addition, I decided if I was going to put you on the “hot seat,” I had to participate as well:~)

Your Thinking Thursday Challenge:

Pick and answer one or more questions from the following list of “IFs.” Be sure to include the number for the question(s) you answer.

Here are the questions and my answers are below in italic (note I’d tried not to think too much about my answers):

1) If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go?

London, England to visit by eldest daughter who lives there.

2) If you could live the life of any fictional character, which character would it be?

Doctor Who (Oddly of all the questions, this one took me the longest to decide on because there are so many:~)

3) If you could be one article of clothing, what would you be and who would you want to belong to?

A straw hat and I’d belong to Charles Darwin.

4) If you were to preform in the circus, what would you do?

I’d be a trick acrobatic rider as I’ve always loved horses.

5) If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?

The time when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus.





Thinking Thursday: Can You Be Ordinary?


Questions to Ponder:

What’s ordinary mean to you?

Can someone be successful and ordinary?

Are children learning “ordinary” is a bad word?

Dig  Deeper…if you want:

Take a moment to read/scan this New York Times article, Redefining Success and Celebrating the Ordinary. It will make you think about the meaning of “ordinary.”





Thoughtful Thursday: When Life Gives Lemons

Making Lemonade

What do you do when life gives you lemons and then, keeps on giving them? Okay, we all know the cliché; we’re supposed to make lemonade. That’s a sweet thought, isn’t it:~)

But what happens if you get stuck and the lemons keep coming faster and faster. You can’t make the lemonade quick enough and the lemons keep piling up!

I’ll be honest. I’ve been experiencing my share of lemons lately and they aren’t coming gently down the conveyor belt. No, these are pounding into me and they hurt. I can’t catch up with them to even attempt making them into lemonade.

So, what do I do? Well, you know me. I write about it. I also find a way to laugh about it.

Laughter Therapy

For me, laughter is a magic laser that slices through the lemon-days in my life.  When I’m laughing, I can’t stay angry or even upset. Laughter is therapy for me; it makes me see things with a different, more healthy, perspective.

As I thought of my current situation, I remembered the “I love Lucy Show”  and this particular clip from it.  I found it on YouTube.


Did you laugh? I did! I laugh every time I watch it. I don’t just chuckle politely; this one makes me belly laugh until tears come to my eyes.

And I feel better because of it. My world, which was tilting by the weight of lemons, has shifted back up. All it took was the balance of laughter.

So, if like me, you’re feeling pummeled by lemons, find a way to make yourself laugh. The lemons will not disappear, but I guarantee, you won’t mind them nearly as much:~)

Photo Credit: papadimitriou

The Tiny Warriors

Hummingbird Wars

We have lots of hummingbirds around right now. They are stunning birds, especially the ones with emerald green feathers and ruby throats. But…my goodness, they are the most aggressive birds I’ve ever know. They seem to have a bit of a “Napoleon complex.”

I often sit at my desk and watch them engage in hummingbird wars over the feeder outside my window. One emerald-backed bird has laid claim to this “mine” of sugar water. I watch him chase any interloper who dares to drink from it. They both totally ignore the full feeder just over the fence in my neighbor’s yard.

They have massive aerial battles, flying back and forth, up and down until one chases away the other. Then, the victor returns to sit on the feeder, takes a sip or two and waits….for the war to begin again.

They do have a long flight ahead of them. They will fly alone across the Gulf of Mexico and as tiny birds need all the food they can get. But I can’t help wondering what a toll it must take on them to chase each other all over the yard.

Anyway, here’s the view from my window….


I’m such a little bird, you’d think I was a wimp. I’m not!

I sip this sugar water; it is my life line and my future.

But should another come near, I will do immediately do battle. Only the strongest survive the long journey ahead.

Where the hummingbirds are tiny warriors determined to conquer each other, there are other birds who simply love each other:~)