Be quiet. She’s thinking.


This Red Shouldered Hawk landed in a tree in my garden on a chilly January day.

She seemed very preoccupied as she let me take several close-up shots of her, which I appreciated:~)

However, I couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking about.

Story Photo Challenge One

Imagine she turns and sees me — What does she say?

Story Photo Challenge Two

What is this hawk thinking? Write a brief inner dialogue.

Here’s my shot at the inner dialogue:

I’m hungry.
Where’s that stupid mouse?

I saw it running through the grass from up high.
How could I have missed it? Am I really getting old?
I know my feathers get ruffled more easily and my chin has doubled,
But dadgumit, I’m still the best hunter!
Edward says I’m the most beautiful hawk in the neighborhood!
Then again, Birdie said he’s been flying with Gussy the Hussy.

I’m hungry
Where’s that stupid mouse?

That crazy human musta scared it when she walked out.
Oh. My. Gosh! She’s got a camera!
Well lah–dee–dah, she’s going to take my picture!
I’ll have to give her my profile shot.
Edward says I’ve got the best “beak” profile in the neighborhood.
Then again, Birdie said he was happily preening Gussy yesterday.

I’m still hungry.
Where’s that stupid mouse?

The Lizard MeMe Challenge

the-Lizard_600Let’s keep this simple today. This is a picture I took of a lizard at the beach. He has a real cheeky expression doesn’t he?

The Lizard’s MeMe Challenge

This challenge is a “meme” blog challenge for the lizard, but you get to help him with it.

Aren’t you lucky? Seriously, have fun with this!

You don’t have to answer ALL the questions. Just let me know which ones you select.

So, how would the lizard respond to these “memes.”

  1. Who’s your favorite rock star?
  2. What was your nickname when you were a little lizard?
  3. In the last year, what was the scariest thing you experienced?
  4. Who made you angry recently?
  5. What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you ?


You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ~ Maya Angelou