Story Photo: The Green Net

Shrimp Fishing

This is a picture of some nets on a Shrimper. It was taken at Apalachicola, Florida. Shrimp fishing is very common in this area of Florida. If you are walking the docks, you will see lots of boats with this particular net.

The Challenge

There’s something special about this net and what’s inside it. This is your challenge today. Figure out what this net is used for. Be sure you notice the silver grill thing inside the net. I will give a few hints. These hints are thanks to Wikipedia.

1) This device was required by United States law in 1987 on all trawling shrimp boats.

2) Countries that cannot guarantee the use of these devices are banned from exporting shrimp to the USA.

3) The device has the nickname of TED.

4) It saves many lives, but some shrimpers refuse to use it.

5) Remember, take your time with this; the fastest one doesn’t always win:~)

Put your answers in the comment box. Next Monday, I will tell you what this net device is used for. This should give you plenty of time to Google the answer:~)

Bonus Credit

You get bonus credit, if you can explain how this device works in 55-words or less.

Apalachicola Trip

This is a picture post. I thought I would show you Apalachicola, a fishing town on the Apalachicola River. It’s had hard times lately with the economy, but it has a marvelous history and is a great place to visit.

The Apalachicola River is beautiful. At first glance, the water is brackish with a brown-green color. You would think twice about swimming in it. Sometimes, human trash carelessly tossed into the water floats slowly by in the tide. But, even this trash can’t hide the river’s natural beauty. It’s all around you and plays with your senses.

You forget the trash and everything ugly when you hear the tall grass rasping in the wind, watch the sea birds gliding above or the eddies as the wind crosses the river’s path.

If you’re lucky, you might even see a dark fin and hear the wet breath of a dolphin rising for air. The sounds and sights of this river are awesome!

I’m sharing a few of the pictures I took on our visit. They show you a variety of things about the river and the boats, docks and other things that share its bounty.

I’m holding comments on this post. Just enjoy the view:~)

This is the one of the larger shrimp boats. They go out for weeks at a time.

This is an old marina. You can’t see it well in this picture, but on the river side, it says, “Transients Welcomed!”

This was the view from our apartment window. I like this picture because you really see the water and the islands of grass in it. Also, you can see the tree island that lives in this sea of grass.

Shrimp boats come in all sizes. This is the mid-size version. It’s called “Holy Spirit.”

This is an old dock damaged in Hurricane Dennis. You can’t read the sign, but it says “Caution. Unsafe dock!” Rather appropriate, don’t you think?

Don’t you love this one! It’s a house boat with its own picket fence:~) This was one of three we saw and sadly, they are soon to be extinct, due to changes in the laws.

That’s all. Just the moon over the water:~)

If you ever are in the North Florida area, I highly recommend a visit to Apalachicola. There are wonderful restaurants, river cruises, wildlife, including manatees and otters. It’s an opportunity to witness a historical town and the business that has supported it for many years.