A Face Off with Life

Sometimes life is a boxer with gloved hands.
It knocks you down and dances around you, laughing.
It dares you to pull yourself back up again.
You lie on the rough mat, beaten and exhausted.
Life slaps the mat.
You hear the count.
One. Two. Three. Four.
The seconds tick off.

Sometimes it’s doubt that holds you down,
Making it harder to get up.
Your throat stings with failure, you taste weakness.
You don’t know what to do because you feel despair.
Your heart pumps it.
You cough it up.
The seconds tick off.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight.

Sometimes it’s faith that lifts you up,
Making it easier to be strong.
Your soul fills with spirit, you taste courage.
You know what to do because you have hope.
Your hand grips it.
You drink it down.
The seconds tick off
The count is nine.

Sometimes you are a boxer with gloved hands.
You climb back up and dance around life, laughing.
You dare it to knock you down again.
You stand on the rough mat, revived and confident.
Life tosses its gloves.
The count is over.
Your words are taunting,
“See you next time.”

We all have moments when we feel beaten and exhausted by a round with life. We can choose how we face off with life’s challenges – let them knock us down for the count or use our courage and faith to pull ourselves back up again.

As Roger Crawford said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”

Care to Share?

When you faced off with one of life’s challenges, what did you do to get back into the fight?

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