Story Photo: Friend or Foe

While walking in the woods, I came across these ferns. I got uneasy because they moved as if to hide someone or something.

“It’s just the wind.” I reassured myself. The ferns moved again ever so slightly

An uncertain shiver ran up my spine. I called out, “Who’s there?”

There was no answer, just the rustling of dried leaves.

I mustered my courage and called, “Are you friend or foe?”

The Photo Challenge

Answer one, two or all of these questions:

1) Who or what is hiding amongst the ferns?

2) What will it say to me?

3) Briefly describe it.

Extra Credit Challenge

Write out a short dialogue between me and whoever or whatever is hiding in the ferns. You can continue the dialogue I started. If you do this, just copy the last line and add your own finish.

Quickie Question

Answer the question: “Are you friend or foe?”