Fun with words

Poor Jane (Best read aloud!)

Everyone thought
She was insane.
Things that were bought
Simply bored her lively brain.
She stole things, but wasn’t caught.
It made her bold — Stole the weathervane
Chickens and coop, she grabbed the whole lot.
The lady had ten sticky fingers she couldn’t contain.
When the circular staircase vanished, Jane got her mug shot!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

This is a writing in response to the above picture prompt from Write on Edge. While it definitely made the word count of 600 words, I’m not sure it’s actually fiction, nonfiction, and it might even be doubtful as poetry, but it was so much fun to write:~)

Sometimes writing should be just that— fun and effervescent. Like blowing up a balloon and watching it float up into the clouds.

I think we, as writers, sometimes forget how much fun it is to finger paint with our words, giving them no great intent or power. Instead, letting them be a splash of colors on white paper; plain and simple, but lots of fun to create:~)


Source of the photograph: Pinterest