The Vampire Slayer


Aggie’s Halloween Poem

Old Drac’s got nothing on sweet little ole me!
Even if he could climb this carpeted tree,
These sharp fangs will make him quake
Much more than that wooden stake.

It’s Your Turn…

If you celebrate Halloween, what’s your favorite memory?


Read-All-About-It_1Bloggers in the news! Read All About It!

Kim Talon just had her first book, Strings and Bones, published. Check it out here and read the sample. I did and now I can’t wait to get my book!

Also, one of my favorite book reviewers, Patricia of Patricia’s Wisdom will be putting up a review of Kim’s book on Friday.

I’m also a bit late on announcing that….

Linda, Roses to Rainbows, has redone her site. Check it out.

Chris Edgar released Part 2 of his animated musical, Steve’s Quest. The video is fun to watch:~)