Holiday Memories


Video by PDG Productions, 2010
Song by Pink Martini

One of my fondest holiday memories occurred Christmas of 1989. We were all excited as snow had been predicted all day. Where I live, this is a very unusual event. We all hoped for a “white Christmas.”

By the time, we arrived at the evening holiday church service; the “predicted” snow still had not showed up. While disappointed, we still enjoyed the service.

We sang holiday songs as candles twinkled all around the room. We said special prayers for those in need and gave what we could when the collection plate was circulated.

Finally, the last song was sung and it was time to leave. We collected our coats and in a large group headed for the doors. When they opened wide, so did our eyes.

In the church lights, pristine white snow sparkled everywhere – on top of trees, bushes, roofs, sidewalks and the ground. It was like we were stepping into a snow globe.

We all stopped and stared, even the kids! However, it wasn’t long before they were running and jumping into the snow. Holiday “dress-up” clothes were forgotten as snowballs flew through the air and children made snow angels.

No one wanted to leave. For those of us who don’t see snow often, it was a beautiful and magical moment and became a fond memory:~)

What about you?

Even if you celebrate a holiday different than Christmas, what is one of your fondest memories of a holiday? Briefly describe it in the comment box.