SPC: The Talkaholic


“Compulsive talking (or communication addiction disorder or talkaholism) goes beyond the bounds of what is considered to be a socially acceptable amount of talking.” Source: Wikipedia

So, there’s always one in the crowd who can’t shut up.

Your Challenge

What are the others thinking?

Even better, what are they planning to do to get this little guy to finally SHUT UP.

SPC: Wailing Woman Uncovered at Beach


Let’s get right to the photo challenge for today.

Story Photo Challenge

Take a look at this picture and write a breaking news headline for it.

Remember, news headlines should be short and grab attention.

In this case, however, you don’t have to take the headline or the picture too seriously.

Look at the picture and write whatever comes to mind for YOU. The idea is to have fun:~)

Not into the challenge today?

That’s okay. Just answer this question:

What’s your favorite beach and why?

Tweet, Tweet Said the Birdie


A-tweety-bird-talks_600This picture was taken in Geneva, Switzerland a few years ago when Jim and I were traveling. We stopped at this nice bistro for lunch. As it was such a beautiful day, we sat outside.

After our meal was finished, this bird showed up and landed on my dessert plate. Fortunately, I was finished with my meal and dessert. Anyway, I liked her expression as she looked at the cookie I’d left.

You have two challenges today. You can pick one or do both of them. It’s up to you, just let me know which challenge(s) you picked:~)

Challenge One

Write a caption about this picture. Sounds easy, right?

Ah, but there’s a catch. Isn’t there always?

The catch is to write your caption like a Twitter “tweet.” This means the caption has to be 140 characters or less, including spaces. Need help counting characters, go to Online Character Count Tool.

Here’s  my wacky example: “Bye-bye Cookie Monster. Me GOT cookie!” (38 characters)

Don’t like the “Tweet” Challenge, go for Challenge Two!

What is this bird thinking while she’s looking at the cookie?

Have fun, be creative and enjoy the story photo challenge.